back to fall
My favorite part of the first day of school? Finding out who you get to sit next to! I hope all you teachers and students have a very scholarly year.


  1. I just found you via The Vegan Stoner via Pinterest :-) I LOOOOOOVE your work!!!

  2. Danielle, your illustrations are so amazing! Clever, classic, and whimsical yet simple and fun - I'm a fan, for sure! I found you on Pinterest, you're all over there right now, fyi : )

    Have you thought about selling your prints on Etsy or anywhere else? Or are you already? I would buy this one and 'bicicleta' in a heartbeat, and for me that's kinda saying something because I'm a graphic designer/illustrator too and I'm pretty picky about my art purchases! I lived in Costa Rica for a year and had a bicycle named Julio (he had a basket too - actually he looked a lot like yours!) and your print made me giggle and also wonder if he's found a new happy life.. love it. anyway, in short: do you need a new best friend? only kidding (somewhat), but seriously - great work, I'm super impressed!

  3. Caitlin, Thanks so much for that flattering comment! I have thought about selling my prints and it is definitely in the works. I will surely post on here when I have something up. I hope Julio has a good home. I think about my old Mikey the Bikey every now and then too. Hopefully he's happily riding the streets of Rome where he belongs!