10/20 outfit
Fancy casual with a hint of lime.


This is my submission for Penmanship, a type show being held at Vox Populi as a part of Design Philadelphia. If you live in or around Philly please come see work from so many talented local designers. It's up until the 23rd of October. You'd be sorry to miss this one.

Vox Populi
319 N. 11th Street, Third Floor
October 13-23, 2011.


A few of my favorite earrings. All hand-me-downs from my mother.



I was playing around with some new type treatments at work and came up with this. Not right for the project but I like it all the same. October really is my favorite month.


10/3 outfit
My grandma gave me this necklace when I was little. I kept it safely tucked away in my jewelry box for probably ten years before I felt mature enough to wear it. And yes, those are tiger earrings.