I haven't been very faithful to blog-keeping the past year but I'm back to my old ways again. I'll be sharing sketchbook pages, news, and other fun stuff over here.


website I won't be posting here anymore because my blog has moved to my brand new website! I've been working hard on getting new work up and have even more to share in the next few months. I hope you enjoy and will continue to follow me over here.


cat cottage chair

I've had 2 cats in my life and both of them loved to crawl inside of my dollhouse to take a nap. I was thinking of them while painting this little piece.


rain on foothills

Another one from my sketchbook. Done in our tent during a rainstorm.


Hi Friends! I've been away for a while it seems. I was on an amazing backpacking trip through the Sierra Nevadas. It was a lot of hard work but I also had some downtime to relax and get inspired by the beautiful scenery. I brought a small travel watercolor set, some markers, and two colored pencils. I also had one of these brushes which was so perfect for what I was using it for. There were so many interesting rocks along the trail -  I wanted to paint them all! But of course there was no time for that so take a look at my selection of favorites below. Stay tuned for many more pages from my sketchbook. I have plenty to share!

rocks of the jmt


ordinary patio

There's something so nostalgic about summertime for me. When I was little I'd spend hours in the water practicing my synchronized swimming moves. And I remember that one time my brother told me to sniff the bottom of the pool because it smelt like strawberries. Ha. Ha. Good times.


heart of gold
 My mom asked me to make this for her boss's retirement party. I didn't charge her :)

 Also, a big thank you to Comm Arts for featuring me in their Fresh series this week. You can see it right here.