circus invite
So, a little while ago my coworker asked me to make a circus themed baby shower invite for her sister. She trusted me and gave me complete freedom, which is the recipe for a happy designer. The invite came out exactly as I hoped! Anyways, it turned out that this baby shower was in need of a cake as well. So my very talented friend, Ryan, used my invite as inspiration and created this masterpiece! I think he did a great job incorporating my colors and design elements. I had a leftover slice at work the next day, and it was so very tasty.


  1. hi danielle,
    i stumbled across your portfolio and blog and i am super impressed! i LOVE your work :) i used to work at the urbn home office also! you have a new fan in brooklyn

  2. Thanks so much Melissa, that's always nice to hear!

  3. The cake and the invitation are both spectacular!