This was my submission to Anthropologie's new tumblr. It shows pictures of my grandparent's house, which was a very special place to me growing up. You can see more entries by some very insightful contributors right here.


  1. This is the cutest post!! I love the personal touches.

  2. My Grammy lived in Bloomfield, NJ and we visited her for every holiday and also a couple weeks in the summer. I lived in Pittsburgh so it was an 8 hour drive to her house but so worth it. I loved my Grammy's house too. It had so many fun things. For instance a sunroom which included an antique desk that had claw feet. Grammy kept crayons, the barrel of monkeys "game" and other small toys for her grandkids to play with. I now own the desk which gives me so much pleasure as it holds such special memories for me. I was also fascinated by the milk "closet" that had an opening to the outside for the milkman to leave the milk in it and a door opening on the inside of my Grammy's house so she could get the milk easily. I thought that was the coolest thing! I was also intrigued by my Grammy's attic -- the steps were located behind a door in her bedroom. I liked to go up there and look around at her hat boxes and other "storage"! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your grandparents' home in NJ. Your post brought back fond memories.